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How LocalHelpar Works

Tell us what you need

Answer a few service-specific questions so we match your need to the right pros for the job.

The Right Relevant Questions

We ask you a few questions specific to the type of service that you need help with. This helps pros understand what you need and give a more accurate bid estimate.

Who sees my job Ads?

We send your job request to trusted local professionals who can help with what you need done. We work hard to perfect this match between the job and the right pros.

What do you share with the service providers?

We share the answers that you provide to the service-specific questions, your general location, and we’ll pass along your phone number if you ask us to. We don’t share your email.

Get bids and hire

Compare multiple bids as well as company profiles and reviews.

When will I hear back?

We send your request out to matching pros right away. You should get your first bids within hours. Pros have up to 4 days to contact you with a bid.

How many bids do I get?

It really depends on the nature of your job, how detailed you have been, seasonality, and other factors. You’ll get a maximum number of bids based on the service, and usually get 2 pros expressing interest.

Do the pros pay?

Pros pay a small fee only when they want to send you a custom bid using LocalHelpar. Because this is a paid service for them we ask you to respond to everyone and respect their hard work and time.

Expect great service

Hire and work with the pro directly. Review their work on LocalHelpar.

Did you choose

these pros?

Receiving interest and bids from a professional does not mean we recommended them, but that they are interested to work with you, available and capable of doing your job right for the first time.

How do I get in touch?

Contact the pro through Bidvine, by phone or using email. Contact Bidvine support any time here.

Can I review them?

Please do! Others like you rely on reviews to make their decisions. Great experience or not, we value your reviews and include them on LocalHelpar. Customers hiring through LocalHelpar are marked as Verified Hire.