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As professionals you can receive hundreds of requests a day if you subscribe to our yearly, having a well-structured request can help it stand out from the crowd. When you have our yearly subscription, all the local relevant professionals in your area will be notified and when they log into LocalHelpar, your request will be among the first that they see.

Currently, yearly subscriptions is available in all our services. It costs £600 for the yearly package request and, as the processing is done immediately, and you can test it for one month. In the event, your request cannot be processed your payment method (i.e. credit card) will not be charged. More information about at

Category: Get Hired Guide

Investing time in making a great profile is key to winning new business on LocalHelpar. Customers look for professionals with complete profiles that include images, reviews, and clear and professional messaging.

A great profile includes:

Clear and professional messaging

We love the beauty in simplicity. Use clear and professional communication and make your description of what you do and what you value as simple, transparent, informative – and really let the tone and values of how you do business shine through.

Be complete

You should have content for all if not most of the optional fields in the service profile editor. If you don’t have certain social media profiles then use this as an incentive to go set up accounts. If you don’t have a logo, then let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction to get one. There are many high quality and cost effective options. If you need photos taken for your business then there are lots of photographers on Bidvine ready to help. If you need help adding or editing content just let us know.

Be detailed

Your profile isn’t just getting it done and adding content to as many sections as possible. Take the time to think about the content you are adding to your profile. If it’s not your best work, then you can’t expect to win more work.

Show and tell

Add a logo to your profile. If you are a business without a logo then add an image of your business name in text. If you are a sole trader without a logo then add a picture of yourself.

Add portfolio images to give a visual insight into you, your company and your work. Show the cleanliness of your job sites, include a team photo, show well-labelled before and after shots, include pictures of you in action showing how you deliver your service and your interaction style. Every service can show the people, the process and the outcomes of the service they deliver – and we know everyone loves to read AND see.

If you want any help adding or editing content, get in touch with us.

Category: Get Hired Guide

If for any reason, you’d like to cancel a project, here’s how to do it.

Visit ‘Your Requests’ page within your account and click on ‘Update Status’.

You will then be asked to select your reason for cancelling the request. One you have selected your option, click ‘Update Status’ and your project will be cancelled.

Please note: Once your project has been cancelled, this cannot be undone and you will not be able to communicate with providers who may have previously quoted on the request.

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If you haven’t heard back from a customer a couple of days after sending your initial bid or being contacted by them, a gentle follow-up is a great way to keep customers engaged. We all have the tendency to get busy and distracted; sometimes a simple check-in can motivate a customer to make a decision.

Call after you bid or get contacted

Immediately after your bid is sent, you will be able to see if the customer has opted to include his/her mobile number. If that is the case, that means they’d like to hear from you by phone and you should contact them at a reasonable time during the day.

Follow-up when your bid is viewed

A great time to follow-up with customers is immediately after they view your bid (we’ll notify you when that happens). You can follow up with a customer using Bidvine’s messaging system or, if the customer had provided their phone number, over the phone.

We’ll keep you up to speed

Whenever a customer update’s the status of their request it will be reflected on your Bidvine account. Simply go the Sent Bids section of the site and you will be able to see the current status for each of your bids.

Category: Get Hired Guide

Once you’ve been hired on Bidvine, there are a number things you should do to build upon that momentum.

Mark yourself as “Hired”
Similar to reviews, the number of times you are hired on Bidvine is predominately displayed on your profile. This helps to communicate reliability, so it is important that you take the credit when it happens. When looking at a request you’ve been selected for, simply click “mark as hired” at the bottom of the page.

Ask for reviews
Once you’ve completed the work, ask the customer for a review. This will appear as a Verified Hire on your profile and will be something that future customers look for.

Add photos of your work
Showcasing your completed work is something that adds confidence (especially when they directly relate to your reviews). If you offer training or learning services, you can add photos of your lessons (with the customer’s permission of course).

Enable  Payments
With payments turned on, you can send bids (or pay for contacts with BidMatch) without having to go through the check-out process.

Category: Get Hired Guide

Reviews are one of the most important ways for professionals to stand out on LocalHelpar. Reviews allow prospective customers a chance to understand the quality of your service as defined by those who have worked with you in the past.

Reviews from your previous customers (outside of Localhelpar)

Experienced professionals that come to Bidvine can be recognised for their experience from day one. To request reviews from your previous customers, log in to Bidvine and select Reviews from the main navigation. You can then follow the instructions to either email your customers or copy a link to share with them directly.

Reviews from Bidvine customers (verified hire)

Once you’ve been hired on Localhelpar, you can request reviews from the customers using the platform. This is a great way to gain valuable feedback about your service and further add to your Localhelpar profile.

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After you’ve submitted a request, and have received a quote you are happy with, here is how to hire the service provider.

At the bottom of the request, click on ‘Hire’. The same option is available at the top-right portion of the bid. Once you have done this, the service provider will be automatically notified via email.

The request will then be marked as hired and you will be prompted to leave them a review (or you can choose when to be reminded):

After you have hired the service professional, you can still communicate with them through the ‘Your Requests’ page:

Category: Get Hired Guide is a global marketplace website that allows individuals, small or large businesses to connect with new customers locally, we work very closely with the professionals to ensure our platform is easy and simple to create incredibly attractive and eye-catching profiles that stand out in the search engines like google, yahoo, Bings.

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To finish creating your LocalHelpar account and profile and send your requests to local professionals, you need to confirm that you own the email address that you used to create your account. Why? This protects your email address from being used on by someone who isn’t you.
How to confirm your email:

  • Go check your email inbox for an email from us. (Check your bulk/junk folder if you don’t happen to see it in your inbox.)

  • Click the link in the message to confirm your email address. Your account is now active.

If you are unable to find this confirmation email for some reason, please log back into your LocalHelpar account, and click on the resend confirmation prompt at the top of the page.

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When you hire a service provider on LocalHelpar, we’d love it if you leave a review. Reviews provide valuable feedback to the professional you worked with and to customers that will consider them for future projects.

When you provide a review, you will be asked to provide an overall rating and indicate the specific service they helped you with after which, your review will be made public.

  1. A Public Review– This is made visible to all people that visit the service provider’s profile on LocalHlpar

  2. Private Feedback– This is feedback that is sent directly to the service provider and is not made public

Bidvine is committed to providing a transparent review process that includes only authentic reviews. To that end, it is important to distinguish the two types of reviews a service provider can receive:

  1. Reviews from customers that hired the service professional through LocalHelpar. These reviews appear as ‘Verified Hire’ reviews on the service provider’s company profile page.

  2. Reviews from customers that hired the service professional outside of Bidvine. These are reviews that the service provider requests directly from his or her own customer base.

We will in no way exclude or inhibit genuine feedback from LocalHelpar customers (positive or negative) that provide ‘Verified Hire’ reviews.

Category: Get Hired Guide
‘My Done List’ contains all of your previous requests where you’ve hired a service provider through Bidvine.

Through each request, you will still be able to exchange messages with the service provider you hired and review the details of your original request.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to see how many projects you’ve been able to cross of your to-do list using LocalHelpar!

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Once your request has been submitted (& email address has been confirmed), you will be contacted by up to several service providers who would like to bid for your project. You will receive bids directly through LocalHelpar where you have complete control to manage your requests (and bids).

Aside from using our messaging system, you can also opt to provide the service providers with your phone number so that they can call you directly after their bid has been submitted.

Communication is an important part of LocalHelpar – Just as the service providers work hard to get in touch with you quickly, it goes a long way for you to be just as responsive.

When hiring a service professional it is important that you be diligent and always ensure that the professional is licensed and qualified. To find out more on how we review service professionals on LocalHelpar, please visit our  Terms and Conditions page.

Once you’ve selected your professional, you can mark them as hired on your request. The professional finalise your arrangement and bill you directly.

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Verified Hire’ reviews, are reviews from customers that hire a service professional through LocalHelpar.

All other reviews are left by customers that hired the service professional outside of LocalHelpar. These are reviews that the service provider requests directly from his or her own customer base.

Category: Get Hired Guide

our first point of contact with any customer on Localhelpar is through a bid. Therefore, it is extremely important that you put forth the time and effort to differentiate yourself. Below are some tips for how you can send some great bids to interested leads.

Include a cost estimate

You might need more information before you can send a detailed bid, but at a minimum provide cost guidance. You can say that you need more information to give a detailed bid, but be clear about how you price your work to help kick off a discussion.

Use clear and professional messages

We love the beauty of simplicity. Use clear and professional communication and make your cost estimate as simple and transparent as possible in order to win business.

Ensure your message is customised

A generic message is not the way to approach customers through Bidvine. Instead, focus on exactly what they are looking for and share how you are qualified. Here are some things you should include in every bid:

  • Greet the customer by name and make sure you spell it correctly (when bidding manually) – it drives me crazy when I get messages as “Ross” instead of “Russ”. Take a couple of seconds to show your attention to detail.

  • Speak to the job itself(when bidding manually)  show you understand the project they are looking to take on. Customers want to feel heard and not that they are receiving a generic message.

  • Explain your qualifications – Make sure that you offer your experience specific to what the customer is looking for. If I am looking for a Running coach, I would much rather know about your experience training runners than your years as a general personal trainer.

  • Explain your price – Sending a number is only one part of the equation. You need to let the customer know what is and what isn’t included. Showcase the value you bring to the table.

  • Set next steps – Customer may not know how to move forward, especially if it is a service they’ve never used before. Make sure to clearly outline what next steps are and what they need to do to move forward.

Build a great profile

Your profile should reflect the best about your business. Be detailed, tell a great story, include evidence of your past work through images, great reviews, and a well-written description – give customers every reason to choose you.

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It is important to have a profile photo as it will be used as an avatar that appears on your original request and messages that you exchange with the service professional. As they say, it is always better to put a face to a name.

To upload your profile photo, follow the following steps:

  • Log-in to LocalHelpar

  • Select “Account” from the top navigation or go to “Settings” then “Account” on the left hand side:

  • Click “Edit Profile Photo”

  • Click “Upload”

  • You may “Drag and Drop” or click “Upload” to browse for your file

  • Select a photo from your computer less than 2mb, ideally in a square configuration (i.e. 500×500 pixels)

  • Click Apply

    Once these steps are complete, your profile will be saved with your new photo. Alternatively, you can use either your Instagram or Twitter Photo as your profile picture which automatically saves upon upload.

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To receive job requests for your service in your area you need 1) a confirmed email address, and 2) a complete profile.

Once you go through the service profile creation wizard as part of the provider registration process, then you will have a complete profile. Post-registration there are a number of optional fields that you can add to make a great profile.

The required fields include:

  • what services you support

  • sole trader or limited company

  • business name

  • business address

  • business phone number

  • description of the services you provide

  • whether you travel to customers or they travel to you

  • name and contact details for the user for your account

After registering, we give you the chance to add additional info to your profile including:

  • logo

  • images representing past work

  • founding year

  • staff count

  • licenses

  • qualifications and trainings

  • memberships and organisations

  • insurances

  • and more

Add as much detail as possible to make a great profile. A great first impression is key to increasing your chances of winning new business.

Category: Get Hired Guide

Before you decide to hire someone on LocalHelpar, it is important that you do your homework.

When considering to hire a service professional, you should:

  • Review their profile: Look for examples of past work, years of experience, and how they describe their business. Company profiles on Bidvine are a great way of getting a sense of the professional you are about to hire.

  • Check Reviews & Ask for References: Learn about how people before you have found their services. If they don’t have any reviews, ask for and call their references. When speaking to references, ask detailed questions surrounding the service they received and contrast those answers with what you need done.

  • Check Credentials: Reputable professionals should have credentials appropriate for their service. Don’t be afraid to ask for current copies of certifications, licenses, or insurance.

  • Look at more than just the price: When comparing professional services, the lowest price doesn’t always equate to the best deal. This is especially true when it comes to building services (and the supplies that they use). By contrast, a high price does not always result in the best service. If a professional is quoting considerably higher or lower than others, make it a point to ask why.

  • Ask questions: Knowing how a service professional will approach your specific project is incredibly important. Keep asking questions until you are confident in the professional’s ability to provide a service that meets your expectations.

  • Be wary of large upfront deposits: If your project requires physical goods/materials, it is not uncommon for a professional to ask for a deposit to cover those costs. However, if they are asking for full payments or substantial deposits upfront it should raise a red flag.

  • Trust yourself: When all is said and done, trust your gut. Ask yourself, when communicating with the professional, if they make you feel confident in their ability to successfully take on your project.

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Your profile has a “Share This Profile” section, under which you can find a direct public link to share with friends and customers. In addition to this, you are able to share your profile through different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, with just one click.

Make sure you invest in making a great profile as a great advantage to winning new business.


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