We’re focused on helping local independent professionals get hired as cost-efficiently as possible. As a result, we’ve put a number of refund policies in place that, in most cases, are automatically applied as and when you qualify for them. Getting your money back Sometimes things don’t work according to how we expect, we get it. [...]read moreHOW DO LOCALHELPAL.COM REFUNDS WORK?

GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION POLICY (GDPR) is committed to keeping your data safe and managing it responsibly in line with the regulations. To that end, we’re a strong supporter of and are compliant with, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is an important piece of legislation that is designed to strengthen and unify data protection laws for [...]read moreGENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION POLICY (GDPR)


We want to make sure that individuals or businesses who use localHelpar to grow their business are who they say they are. To do this, we verify the identity of all newly registered professionals. This promotes trust and safety and helps keep pros in good company. How the verification process works: You enter your information [...]read moreCONFIRMING YOUR IDENTITY


At, we work closely with the pros to make our website simple and easy for professionals to connect with new local customers and grow their businesses. Factors to Consider to make your business profile successful: Create a great profile: Make sure your profile stands out and is well structured, detailed with your business details. [...]read moreHOW TO IMPROVE YOUR HIRING RATE?

Getting Started with localHelpar

How to Get Started With Welcome to When you are getting started on Localhelpar it is important that you send enough bids out of the gate and get reviews from your past customers. We help make getting started even easier by discounting your first purchase and backing it up. Finding Customers in Your [...]read moreGetting Started with localHelpar

Get Hired (and build upon it)

Once you’ve been hired on Bidvine, there are a number things you should do to build upon that momentum. Mark yourself as “Hired” Similar to reviews, the number of times you are hired on Bidvine is predominately displayed on your profile. This helps to communicate reliability, so it is important that you take the credit [...]read moreGet Hired (and build upon it)

Send a winning bid

our first point of contact with any customer on Localhelpar is through a bid. Therefore, it is extremely important that you put forth the time and effort to differentiate yourself. Below are some tips for how you can send some great bids to interested leads. Include a cost estimate You might need more information before [...]read moreSend a winning bid

Get reviews

Reviews are one of the most important ways for professionals to stand out on LocalHelpar. Reviews allow prospective customers a chance to understand the quality of your service as defined by those who have worked with you in the past. Reviews from your previous customers (outside of Localhelpar) Experienced professionals that come to Bidvine can [...]read moreGet reviews

Follow-up with leads

If you haven’t heard back from a customer a couple of days after sending your initial bid or being contacted by them, a gentle follow-up is a great way to keep customers engaged. We all have the tendency to get busy and distracted; sometimes a simple check-in can motivate a customer to make a decision. [...]read moreFollow-up with leads

Build a great profile

Investing time in making a great profile is key to winning new business on LocalHelpar. Customers look for professionals with complete profiles that include images, reviews, and clear and professional messaging. A great profile includes: Clear and professional messaging We love the beauty in simplicity. Use clear and professional communication and make your description of [...]read moreBuild a great profile