Get Hired (and build upon it)

Get Hired (and build upon it)

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Once you’ve been hired on Bidvine, there are a number things you should do to build upon that momentum.

Mark yourself as “Hired”
Similar to reviews, the number of times you are hired on Bidvine is predominately displayed on your profile. This helps to communicate reliability, so it is important that you take the credit when it happens. When looking at a request you’ve been selected for, simply click “mark as hired” at the bottom of the page.

Ask for reviews
Once you’ve completed the work, ask the customer for a review. This will appear as a Verified Hire on your profile and will be something that future customers look for.

Add photos of your work
Showcasing your completed work is something that adds confidence (especially when they directly relate to your reviews). If you offer training or learning services, you can add photos of your lessons (with the customer’s permission of course).

Enable  Payments
With payments turned on, you can send bids (or pay for contacts with BidMatch) without having to go through the check-out process.

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