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We’re focused on helping local independent professionals get hired as cost-efficiently as possible. As a result, we’ve put a number of refund policies in place that, in most cases, are automatically applied as and when you qualify for them.

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Getting your money back

Sometimes things don’t work according to how we expect, we get it.

30-days refund window.

When you purchase your first subscription on, you are eligible for the next month free within 30 days of the transaction if you don’t secure any customers.

Similarly, the first time you subscribe to Bidvine Plus, there is a 14-day window in which you can cancel your subscription and you will be entitled to a refund of your initial Plus Subscription payment less the value of Allocated Bidvine Plus Credits used.

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Getting your money back

Get hired or get your next month for free.

If you don’t get hired within your first month which is very rear on Localhelpar, your next month will be free and on us. ensure you have a well-structured profile will a simple and clear explanation of the services you provide.

We’ll reach out to you by phone and email to let you know when this has occurred and to give you bespoke recommendations on how to improve your chances of getting hired moving forward.

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Getting your money back (Pay for Contact)

Don’t Get a Customer first month get free 30 days ”

As a professional with, we know you love only paying for local leads that most likely to reach out to you after seeing your profile. So if their first message to your bid is “no thanks”, our system will detect it and give you the option to flag.

In certain instances, we will detect this automatically and the client will be diverted to someone else . In other instances, you will be asked to flag the request. When you flag a request, we’ll review and send recommendations to improve your profile.

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Reminder: what you’re paying for.

Get introduced to prospective customers Around you!

At, we don’t charge a monthly or yearly fee to help with the running of the platform.  we will then automatically send you leads based on your location and service preference or get contacted by customers automatically).

Understanding your Business Performance

At localhelpar, we ensure that we get you in front of the customer looking for your services. We know that not every lead or contact will result in the hire and we take this into consideration when we design pricing. When you are evaluating your performance on it is important that you do so after a period of time after registration. This helps gives you a complete insight of how your business is performing and how to improve it incase your receive few lead or offers.

We provide you with insights to understand your ongoing performance on localHElpar and how you compare to others in your market. In addition, you can also access detailed information and insights on every request that you receive. If you ever need help in understanding your performance data or would like recommendations on how to improve your performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our success team at

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