Leaving a review for a professional

Leaving a review for a professional

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When you hire a service provider on LocalHelpar, we’d love it if you leave a review. Reviews provide valuable feedback to the professional you worked with and to customers that will consider them for future projects.

When you provide a review, you will be asked to provide an overall rating and indicate the specific service they helped you with after which, your review will be made public.

  1. A Public Review– This is made visible to all people that visit the service provider’s profile on LocalHlpar

  2. Private Feedback– This is feedback that is sent directly to the service provider and is not made public

Bidvine is committed to providing a transparent review process that includes only authentic reviews. To that end, it is important to distinguish the two types of reviews a service provider can receive:

  1. Reviews from customers that hired the service professional through LocalHelpar. These reviews appear as ‘Verified Hire’ reviews on the service provider’s company profile page.

  2. Reviews from customers that hired the service professional outside of Bidvine. These are reviews that the service provider requests directly from his or her own customer base.

We will in no way exclude or inhibit genuine feedback from LocalHelpar customers (positive or negative) that provide ‘Verified Hire’ reviews.

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