Receiving Bids & Hiring

Receiving Bids & Hiring

Category: Registration

Once your request has been submitted (& email address has been confirmed), you will be contacted by up to several service providers who would like to bid for your project. You will receive bids directly through LocalHelpar where you have complete control to manage your requests (and bids).

Aside from using our messaging system, you can also opt to provide the service providers with your phone number so that they can call you directly after their bid has been submitted.

Communication is an important part of LocalHelpar – Just as the service providers work hard to get in touch with you quickly, it goes a long way for you to be just as responsive.

When hiring a service professional it is important that you be diligent and always ensure that the professional is licensed and qualified. To find out more on how we review service professionals on LocalHelpar, please visit our  Terms and Conditions page.

Once you’ve selected your professional, you can mark them as hired on your request. The professional finalise your arrangement and bill you directly.

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