Send a winning bid

Send a winning bid

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our first point of contact with any customer on Localhelpar is through a bid. Therefore, it is extremely important that you put forth the time and effort to differentiate yourself. Below are some tips for how you can send some great bids to interested leads.

Include a cost estimate

You might need more information before you can send a detailed bid, but at a minimum provide cost guidance. You can say that you need more information to give a detailed bid, but be clear about how you price your work to help kick off a discussion.

Use clear and professional messages

We love the beauty of simplicity. Use clear and professional communication and make your cost estimate as simple and transparent as possible in order to win business.

Ensure your message is customised

A generic message is not the way to approach customers through Bidvine. Instead, focus on exactly what they are looking for and share how you are qualified. Here are some things you should include in every bid:

  • Greet the customer by name and make sure you spell it correctly (when bidding manually) – it drives me crazy when I get messages as “Ross” instead of “Russ”. Take a couple of seconds to show your attention to detail.

  • Speak to the job itself(when bidding manually)  show you understand the project they are looking to take on. Customers want to feel heard and not that they are receiving a generic message.

  • Explain your qualifications – Make sure that you offer your experience specific to what the customer is looking for. If I am looking for a Running coach, I would much rather know about your experience training runners than your years as a general personal trainer.

  • Explain your price – Sending a number is only one part of the equation. You need to let the customer know what is and what isn’t included. Showcase the value you bring to the table.

  • Set next steps – Customer may not know how to move forward, especially if it is a service they’ve never used before. Make sure to clearly outline what next steps are and what they need to do to move forward.

Build a great profile

Your profile should reflect the best about your business. Be detailed, tell a great story, include evidence of your past work through images, great reviews, and a well-written description – give customers every reason to choose you.

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