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At, we work closely with the pros to make our website simple and easy for professionals to connect with new local customers and grow their businesses.

Factors to Consider to make your business profile successful:

  • Create a great profile: Make sure your profile stands out and is well structured, detailed with your business details. Potential customers will judge you by your profile on localhelpar. Invest the time and effort in making it great. Fill out all the optional sections. If you’re not sure and need help, ask us. Add better-looking photos for your business,  We want you to have a great experience, and your profile is the best place to start.

  • We want you to stand out and be seen: Our team can help check your service profiles before you go live. We care about your business when you are with us. We also make sure that the service you receive in your preferred location is accurate.  This process means that initially there may be a delay between the time that you create your profile and when it goes live. We think this delay is important to ensure you have a  quality business page that’s a pealing.

  • Receive Customers Details (phone, email) you can choose one of the packages that fit your budget and start sending messages to engage with the customers that are you looking for your services.

  • How does localhelpar compare with other websites: Our cost we charge to contact the customers per month is pretty low and we work hard to ensure you receive as many customers as possible within your period with us. We also give advice on other business startups and how to scale your business beyond your location.

  • We introduce customers to you: once your applications have been accepted and you have created a profile, you will then start receiving messages from customers looking for your services, choose the hours you want to work, negotiate the jobs and you get to keep all your earnings no extra commission. We don’t get involved at all in this process. Our platform simply provides the means for this introduction to occur and to facilitate communication. Once you’re hired, that customer is yours. Contract and arrange payment with them directly (you also get any repeat or referral work directly as well isn’t this great!

  • Get Our Support 24/7! Our dedicated support and success teams are here to help you every step of the way to achieve your business goal. Feel free to contact us @

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