What to consider when hiring a service professional

What to consider when hiring a service professional

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Before you decide to hire someone on LocalHelpar, it is important that you do your homework.

When considering to hire a service professional, you should:

  • Review their profile: Look for examples of past work, years of experience, and how they describe their business. Company profiles on Bidvine are a great way of getting a sense of the professional you are about to hire.

  • Check Reviews & Ask for References: Learn about how people before you have found their services. If they don’t have any reviews, ask for and call their references. When speaking to references, ask detailed questions surrounding the service they received and contrast those answers with what you need done.

  • Check Credentials: Reputable professionals should have credentials appropriate for their service. Don’t be afraid to ask for current copies of certifications, licenses, or insurance.

  • Look at more than just the price: When comparing professional services, the lowest price doesn’t always equate to the best deal. This is especially true when it comes to building services (and the supplies that they use). By contrast, a high price does not always result in the best service. If a professional is quoting considerably higher or lower than others, make it a point to ask why.

  • Ask questions: Knowing how a service professional will approach your specific project is incredibly important. Keep asking questions until you are confident in the professional’s ability to provide a service that meets your expectations.

  • Be wary of large upfront deposits: If your project requires physical goods/materials, it is not uncommon for a professional to ask for a deposit to cover those costs. However, if they are asking for full payments or substantial deposits upfront it should raise a red flag.

  • Trust yourself: When all is said and done, trust your gut. Ask yourself, when communicating with the professional, if they make you feel confident in their ability to successfully take on your project.

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